STILLNESS by Amy Vidra

New energy and focus today in the studio as I painted over and revamped the beginnings of a composition. I’m enjoying these new paintings with softer lines and form. I realized today that in that moment of painting there’s a stillness- choosing colors, textures, forms, my thoughts are random and scatter, but I am just me, not linked to anyone or anything. Time seems to stand still, though I know it’s moving as the light shifts on the canvas. I can tell by the tightness of form or looseness of brushstrokes that my thoughts have shifted, maybe to the to do lists or expectations of this paintings outcome. It looks too cramped, so I rotate it and change shapes, adding lighter or darker colors or taking away layers. Letting go of my critical mind but aware of what works and what doesn’t, I rotate the painting again. This time the composition feels right with more room to breathe. I add the last layers of light and dark and it feels complete.



30” x 30”

Acrylic, Ink, Graphite, Charcoal