Through the layers of ink and acrylic, sometimes lies a detail of texture or image.  The application of the material, whether by palette knife or brush, dictating its transparency.  The colors combining to create its counterpart, complimentary or contradictory.  In that moment is the moment of making, the happy accidents sometimes, or the deliberate cover-ups.  

I may be referencing a memory, a time or place, or a photograph, that I’ve separated into colors and shapes.  The sketched composition unfolding.  Sometimes I can visualize where the next markings go, or the color palette, sometimes the image shows me where they’re meant to be.  The clarity unfolding as the piece comes together. The moment it all syncs and feels whole, a snapshot captured in frame, the colors and forms lining up perfectly, whether meticulously planned, or formed by the instantaneous mark making, or the instinctive click of the shutter button.